To describe myself? Hm...Thats not easy. I would say that I am a very caring person. I like to help people. I am always there for my friends and I love to make them all happy. I do not judge people by color of their skin or by their faith. I respect everyone. What can I say more? Well, I love Japan. I love everything about that country. Their culture is very interesting. I do not only find Japan very interesting. I find the whole world very interesting. My dream is to see the world. To meet people from different places and to learn about their cultures. <br /><br />Thats all.*lol* Ehm not all. I have forgot to say that I am a huge Anime and Manga fan. <br />My favorite Animes and Mangas are: Sailor Moon, Fullmetal Alchemist, Die Kickers, Lady Oscar, Candy Candy, Cutey Honey, Mila Superstar, Captain Tsubasa, Robin Hood no Daiboken, Rock 'n' Roll Kids, etc. I know that there are some titles that you wont recognize. It is because I have watched these Animes in German so I only know the German titles of them. <br />That most be all now.:-)