I make blind let's plays of games that I want to play and seem interesting to me. So don't look here for those 100% runs. ;) <br /><br />About my let's plays: <br />- I WILL fail, a lot. <br />- I work in sets. <br />- I keep as much footage as I can intact. <br />- I do these for my own enjoyment. <br />- I don't want any spoilers of games I'm playing. There's a big difference between hints and spoiling of course. <br /><br />How I record my videos: <br />http://www.letsplays.info/2011/aeternas-complete-guide/ <br /><br />Plans for future lp's: <br />http://www.aeterna.nl/forum/showthread.php?88-Let-s-play-plans <br /><br />Upload Schedule: <br />http://www.aeterna.nl/ <br /><br />My Forum: <br />https://www.aeterna.nl/forum/ <br /><br />Steam ID: Aeterna <br />Twitter: xAeternax