Hi my name is Koua Vang. I'm 15 years old. i Love WWE Wrestling. I want to be a WWE wrestler someday. Here i try to upload as much wwe videos as i can. These Are the people who inspired me: <br /><br />Favorite Male Wrestlers: <br />1.John Cena <br />2. Batista <br />3.Evan Bourne <br />4The Rock <br />5. Steve Austin <br />6.Hulk Hogan <br />7.Triple H <br />8. Jeff Hardy <br />9. Matt Hardy <br />10. Undertaker <br />11. Kane <br />12. Rey Mysterio <br />13. Christian <br />14. Finlay <br />15. Great Khali <br />16. Cody Rhodes <br />17. Ted DeBiase <br />18. Kofi Kingston <br />19. Mr. Kennedy <br />20. Cm Punk <br />21. Chris Jericho <br /><br />Favorite Female Wrestlers: <br />1. Trish Stratus <br />2. Lita <br />3. Torrie Wilson <br />4.Mickie James <br />5. Ashley Massaro <br />6. Stacy Keibler <br />7. Victoria <br />8. Molly Holly <br />9. Chyna <br />10. Melina <br />11. Candice Michelle <br />12. Eve Torres <br />13. Kelly Kelly <br />14. Layla El <br />15. Maria <br />16. Maryse <br />17. Michelle <br />18. Alicia Fox <br />19. Katie Lea <br />20. Tiffany <br />21. Ivory <br />22. Jacqueline <br />23. Gail Kim <br />24. Angela Fong <br />25. Christy Hemme <br />26. ODB <br />27. Roxxi Laveaux <br />28. Taylor Wilde <br />29. Madison Rayne <br />30. Angelina Love <br />31. Velvet Sky <br />32. Rhaka Khan <br />33. Shelly Martinez <br />34. Rosa Mendez