Hey there,
I've read several times somewhere here that you have all those Lenny/Carsten videos? I know that I'm a few years late for the hype, but discovered the storyline recently and it's so sad that it's not possible to watch all episodes online - so maybe you know where to download them or someone who is able to send the missing parts to me?
Thanks in advance,
Vor 2 jahren von ZebraInViolett
for missing parts of the Jack McPhee Story look @ http://www.youtube.com/user/Wuschel98
Vor 5 jahren von wuschel98
Trotobas PARSY
merci pour tout ce que tu fait tu et vraiment super dans les vidéo merci beaucoup
Vor 5 jahren von Trotobas PARSY
Thanks for Jack's story. I never watched DC, but now I know what I was missing.
Vor 5 jahren von Khrissie

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