A "Purification Station" where you can have your mind, will and emotions transformed BACK into the ORIGINAL Divine Design, that was and is the ORIGINALLY Created PLAN, before the "chosen" FALL of mankind. <br /> <br />This is a RESTORATION Station for you and your loved ones, neighbors to "GET Ready" for the Next and Final Eternal Destination. <br /> <br />This site was BUILT by the DIVINE ONE WORD that Created everything, except anything that seems to be "below" the DIVINE DESIGN, precepts and concepts. <br /> <br /> If you are NOT totally and completely "made in the image" of the PURE ONE DIVINE CREATOR, ALREADY, and you are still "falling" as a carnal human being, than what-ever you have been doing, so far, was NOT working, and "YOUR" doctrine is NOT the . . . "ONE that SANCTIFIED" (Heb. 2: 11) <br /> <br /> FACT: If you still have the mind of the "fallen" human, than you are not yet WHOLLY RULED by the "MIND of CHRIST," nor does the MIND of CHRIST have you wholly, than you are NOT yet in, or even FIT for the "kingdom [RULE] of heaven." <br />NOR are you going to be transferred to that state, in your next life experience, until the WORDS of the LIVING WORD RULES FULLY, WHOLLY and Completely! <br /> <br />This is the absolute basic TRUTH! <br /> <br /> Allow the peace of the restoration, by the Love from the PERFECT WORD to overcome "you," as you fully "Allow the DIVINE MIND be in you as was (and is) in CHRIST," and done HERE and NOW! "DONE" on earth as it is in heaven," which is the DIVINE WILL of "even your sanctification" (1Thes. 4: 3-4) Any thing else or anything less, is NOT the WILL of the DIVINE WHOLLY PLAN OF CREATION! <br /> <br /> And this is ONLY DONE by "salvation through sanctification!" so that the DIVINE WILL can be Completed! (2Thes.2:13) <br /> <br />So do not believe the UNsanctified when they tell you there is another way, THERE IS NO OTHER WAY! (Proof in Isa. 35: 8; Heb. 12: 14: Rom. 1:18; 6: 22; and 153 other verses of the DIVINE WORD! SEE above . . . "156 Reasons NOT to Sin!")