I like taking retro/sprite-based games and making nude versions of them. And that's pretty much it as far as my DM account is for. One thing I do NOT do is exploit women as sex objects. Therefore, all my mods are in a nudist context and unrelated to sex completely.<br /><br />I love suggestions on what I should mod whether it be a specific part of a game I'm working on or a game that needs some fun social nudity.<br /><br />Also, would love to be informed of any GUI based sprite hacking software no matter how buggy or primitive. It always beats hex editing. I can't be doing math! I hack for fun not torture!<br /><br />Games I'm thinking about nudifying:<br />- Chrono Trigger (still finishing the game proper)<br />- Pokemon Anything Version (B2/W2 preferably)<br />- Mother 3<br />- Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town<br /> OR <br /> Harvest Moon DS (provided there's a GUI for the spriting hack)<br /><br />Things I WILL NOT nudify:<br />- Anything with iconic costuming (The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario, etc.)<br />- Anything with 3D models