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Like all true naturists, I oppose public sexing up of our lifestyle. WE ARE A FAMILY COMMUNITY, suitable for everyone aged 1 to 101, including children. Ignore the impostors posting lecherous videos in our groups .....we are NOT adult entertainment.

I will block on principle anyone who posts sexual or voyeur videos under the aegis of nudist or naturist.

Abut me? Ok I look different, funny maybe! Born with penile agenesis, I naturally look like Ken, Barbie's B/F, no genitalia. For 40+ years I was busted down by mainstream society whenever my condition became apparent. Since 2007 however, when I turned to naturism, the community has treated me as just another guy on a beach. Which I am. Now I have the confidence to publish my photos, videos and stories around the internet, places like Dailymotion.

I am now privileged to be on the organising collective of the WORLD NAKED BIKE RIDE, London, promoting environmentalism, body awareness and road safety.

Now I can spread the wonderful gospel of Naturism, its tolerance, all-acceptance, cleanliness and safety for children.... in summary, God's remaining Garden of Eden.

Ironic isn't it; where my difference is most obvious is where I am most comfortable? The simple fact is familiarity with nudity means that, unlike society, naturists are NOT obsessed with sexuality.


Will Golden
I uploaded a naturist video promoting Brighton Beach. It was rejected. The only difference betweem my video and all the other naturist videos videos is I was born with no genitalia (penile agenesis). Naturists treat me as equal. It appears Dailymotion mods are not as intellectually gifted. Hopefully DM with deal with it so I don 't have to take the course of action.
5 years ago by Will Golden
Will Golden
In answer to the obvious question, I am disabled from birth.
5 years ago by Will Golden

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