William Michael Gallant is from Tallahassee, Florida. He was always an active child, but it wasn't until one summer when he took a family vacation and had the opportunity to go surfing. William Michael Gallant was immediately hooked on the sport; it was all he ever wanted to do from then on out. He was constantly taking trips with his friends, driving wherever they could so that they could surf and improve their technique.<br /><br />Upon graduating from high school, William Michael Gallant and a few of his closest friends decided to take a year off to travel around the world and have experiences surfing at renowned surf locations in countries all over the globe. William Michael Gallant's travels were some of the best times of his life- he learned so much about himself, the world, and of course, surfing. Some of the amazing places they surfed included Portugal, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. Each location was a new adventure and taught him something new. They had incredible experiences and became much stronger and more talented in terms of surfing. <br /><br />The last stop on this trip around the world was Hawaii, where William Michael Gallant, of Tallahassee, ultimately decided to live for some time. He worked for various companies within the surfing world. He taught surf lessons, worked in various surf shops, and worked at events for surf competitions on the beach. He also held jobs at a variety of restaurants to make enough money to live off of in Hawaii.<br /><br />William Michael Gallant is a traveler at heart, but Tallahassee, Florida, will always be his home. He frequently returns to Tallahassee to visit his family.