Wicked Pissers

“Wicked Pissers” is based on the comedy of Internationally known comedian Bob Marley. Bob is trapped in a job servicing vending machines for a company called Vieking Vending. He and his best friend Jake travel the back roads of Maine filling vending machines with candy, cookies and chips. <br /><br />While they do eventually get to their destinations and the machines, it is the misadventures that happen to them along the way that this show is really about. <br /><br />Bob’s world is complicated by his boss, Mr. Scarfo, his crazy parents and his sister Connie who has just announced she is leaving her job as a greeter at Wal-Mart to try her hand at prostitution. <br /><br />Maine is more than a backdrop. It is a glimpse into another universe – a universe that offers a steady supply of unforgettable characters and insane situations. Wicked Pissers is shot on location in rural Maine. The cast is made up of real people who live in Maine and are wickedly talented. <br />The crew, well… <br />The crew is retarded. <br /><br />For more comedy and videos please visit http://www.wickedpissers.com. <br /><br />Created by Jim O’Doherty and David M. Israel. <br /><br />Wicked Pissers is a 60Frames original series. For more information, please visit us at http://www.60frames.com.