CM4 designs premium products that enhance the user experience. Our mission is to expand and evolve the devices that we use to interact with life. We use the products we design, and we have extremely high expectations of what we own and use. CM4 offers high quality, distinct design, and superior functionality as an alternative to cheap products that are merchandised and marketed at you, rather than designed for you. <br /><br />Our sophisticated gaming products offer the first upgrade from the standard platform of controllers and accessories. Our products blur the line between gaming and contemporary lifestyle by pushing aside the idea that video games are only meant to be played by children and teens. <br /><br />The CM4 catalyst line is our soft case platform for controllers and portables. These products offer protection combined with style to enhance and add confidence to game play. <br /><br />In late 2010, CM4 will launch a line of premium controllers that will change the paradigm of current cheap plastic offerings from third party brands. Inspired by the refinement and sophistication of luxury and performance auto interiors, these devices are the control surfaces – the cockpit for an elevated gaming experience.