Hi<br /><br />Nine years ago I got the diagnosis from my neurodoctor that I had Cerrebellar Ataxia. This is a very rare neurologic disability almost unknown to everyone even my doctor.<br /><br />The term cerebellar ataxia syndrome is a description of a set of symptoms rather than a specific diagnosis or disease. Ataxia refers to an unsteadiness of gait or lack of muscle coordination. Cerebellar refers to the part of the brain called the cerebellum. The cerebellum is located inside the back and base of the skull, just above the top of the spinal cord. It processes input from other areas of the brain, the spinal cord, and sensory receptors. It is responsible for coordination and balance. People with Cerrebellar Ataxia may have an unsteady gait or lack of coordination because of problems with the cerebellum. Cerebellar ataxia can be classified as acute (happening suddenly and rapidly) or chronic (happening slowly over time). It can also be recurrent (happening on and off over time) or progressive (getting worse over time). <br /><br />There are a wide variety of diseases, disorders and conditions that can cause cerebellar ataxia syndrome. They include infectious diseases, inherited or genetic conditions, functional incontinence, certain medications, tumors, trauma, and vascular conditions. Because of the range of possible causes of cerebellar ataxia syndrome, a correct diagnosis of the underlying disease, disorder or condition is important. Cerrebellar Ataxia can happen at any age, in both males and females. <br /><br />Incontinence is also very common together with Cerrebellar Ataxia. This means I also have an uncontrolled, sudden and really heavy dysfunctional incontinence. I wet myself several times every day and I do not know or are aware of how much I´ve flood my diapers. I have to use 4 diapers at the same time and each diaper is 4 cm thick and is comprised of 10 layers of cotton fluff, and 30 layers of superabsorbent gelcushions.