William Tiano

Tony O'Dell, William Tiano and Cheryl Fisher are the three personal injury attorneys of West Virginia personal injury firm Tiano O'Dell. Between them they share over 60 years of legal experience, and a long track record of success in the court room. We are true trial attorneys and are prepared to take each and every case to court if necessary to find you a proper settlement. We regularly handle all serious accidents, including car accidents, truck accidents, dog bites and industrial accident such as those caused by coal mining.<br /><br />We understand not everyone can afford an attorney, but we believe that everyone deserves the absolute best in legal representation. Thats why our firm will pay for all costs of the lawsuit, expert analysis and industry professionals needed to win your case. If we do win your case, then we receive a percentage of the settlement called a "contingency fee". Should we lose, you owe us nothing and our firm will absorb the costs.<br /><br />Awards:<br />-Super Lawyers<br />-Top 100 Trial Attorney in America<br />-AV Rating Martindale-Hubbell (the highest)<br /><br />Tiano O'Dell PLLC<br />118 Capitol Street<br />Charleston, WV 25301<br />(304) 720-6700