Hello, and welcome everyone to my own DailyMotion network! I'm also live on LiveVideo & YouTube. I hope that you will like it here in my world. I do have a couple of ground rules though to make this channel safe and secure and positive: <br /><br />1. No SPAM, SPYWARE, or any of those JUNK FILES that could make computers freeze and/or crash or I might be forced to BLOCK your channel. <br />2. Please no making fun of my uploads or making negative comments about my uploads. RE: This is some of the stuff I that I like to enjoy in life. <br />3. The most important rule of all: Absolutely more...NO, repeat NO Threats on this channel or I will be forced to block your channel. AFter all, I just want this channel to be a family-friendly zone. <br /><br />One more thing, if you want to subscribe or become a friend of me and this channel, please e-mail it to me in my new DailyMoiton email page. I will let you know if I have approved it as long it is appropriate. Otherwise, my final words are this: <br /><br />ENJOY and HAVE FUN surfing around my channel.