Walter Helwich

New York, United States
Walter Helwich has been business analyst, advising clients and since 1986. Back in those days he was an attorney who was practicing law at several law firms and was providing assistance to anyone needing financial advice. Part of his duties was also helping his clients with their legal needs. That included clients who needed advice in areas such as finance, estate planning & trusts, elder law, business law, estate and trust administration, and special needs planning for individuals, families and business owners. He has spoken for professional groups and is author of several professional publications covering related to business analysis. All this helped Walter gain valuable knowledge of federal and New York State estate tax, which allowed him to offer clients estate plans with anticipation and incorporation of tax saving provisions.
Mr. Helwich professional affiliations include, amongst the others and, the American Bar Association, the New York Estate Planning Council, the New York State Bar Association, the National Society of Certified Public Accountants, the Virginia Society of Certified Public Accountants.
But that is now all back as Walter Helwich left estate planning sector along with his services of providing legal help. Now he is retired and lives quite life with his family in Inwood. He spends his time reading book and watching movies, and likes to travel. In the past several years Walter has been regular contributor at goodreads website where he made a name of himself among the local community and has been author of some of the best book reviews. Helwich is also active as a movie critic at IMDB.
One of Walter’s passions has been traveling. He has visited many places he finds interesting and is regularly blogging about them. Walter Helwich also host several websites where he posts latest news from the business world, offering online advices for estate planning and legal advice.