Wallace & Hamilton

Hey! Wallace & Hamilton here. <br /><br />Just wanna start with a big thank you for visiting one of our sites <br />:0) Also we hope you have enjoyed watching our videos as much as we enjoyed making them! <br /><br />Here is some story's of when we first met! <br /><br />(Hamilton) I met Wallace when she was about 7. She was selling raffle tickets in a rent office car park!! <br />The first prize was! ... drum roll please ... a coloring in book of the Spice Girls! <br /><br />(Wallace) A good memory from me and Hamilton, is when we were 14, at school taking part in a prison day (This involved us betending to be prisoners for the day) But we decided to take it one step further and escape, we got chased and pinned up against the wall by a real prison officer (haha) and we then got a weeks worth of detention and had to wright lines every night stating we would not escape from prison (eee the good old days) :) <br /><br />Wall n Ham x <br /><br />p.s-Dont forget to add us on myspace! <br />www.myspace.com/wallacenhamiltonltd