walker lukens

Singer-songwriter, Walker Lukens, spent several years wandering through the desert. At various times, he could be found filling half-empty New York City bars with his songs, retracing Huckleberry Finn’s path with photographer Logan Beck, languishing under the moniker The Brood, crisscrossing the U.S. in his mini van with his guitar & loop station, taking photos of his lion statue (named Louis,) performing his one-man show at rock clubs, house parties, college campuses, DIY squats, Italy, France, and any where else that would have him. More recently, Lukens has made a full-length record with producer Roger Paul Mason and relocated permanently to Austin, Texas. The name of that record is Devoted. Look out for Walker Lukens and his new backing band, The Side Arms, at a venue near you soon.<br />"Upcoming album "Devoted," due in April, opens in soulful singer-songwriter-piano man mode but blossoms into a masterful and expansive collection of progressive contemporary indie pop. He's bright with a lyric, easy with hooks and also shows some experimental urges, especially with songs such as "Kindle to Your Fire" and "Lover," which are built on clever overlapping vocal loops and a shower of percussion. It bounces between assertive and ethereal." - Andrew Dansby, Houston Chronicle.