Wheel2Wheel is an innovative independent non-profit organisation that raises awareness and provides financial assistance to brilliant yet under-recognised charities throughout Australasia. <br /><br />During the course of exciting motorbike adventures, Wheel2Wheel will visit these grass-roots charities and, by leveraging television and online media to gain wide attention, provide objective insight into key social, environmental and humanitarian issues facing the region. <br /><br />On 1 March 2011, Hong Kong-based Morgan Parker and Simon Lock will embark on a 100 day expedition, travelling 20,000kms through 10 countries between Hong Kong and Australia. Along the way they will highlight 10 small charities tackling critical issues in each of the countries they traverse. <br /><br />We invite you to become part of the Wheel2Wheel world. Join our volunteer team, become part of our online community and maybe even become a philanthropic adventurer yourself. <br /><br />Thanks so much for your support. <br /><br />Wheel2Wheel Team