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Compulsive/crazed videophile!! Been collecting videos since 1976, mostly on Beta. Also have an intense interest in Top 40 oldies, movies, Radio, & TV.


How many Conan O'Brien episodes do you have?
Last year by ConanObsessed
John Fernandez
Hey Ray love the videos you post! Question for you. Would you know when HBO rolled out the HBO in Space / HBO City intro? Someone posted on Wikipedia that it was October 20, 1981. I know that's not right. My parents got cable in late 81. HBO was still using the old intros.
2 years ago by John Fernandez
Ray, I was so glad to find you on here, I have really missed seeing your Don Rickles Johnny Carson clips on youtube. I don't know if you're still on here but I was wondering if you still have the Don Rickles Johnny Carson clip from 1973? Let me know and thanks!
2 years ago by dm_512edb8f6fe75
Joke No_Angel
hello Friend,

As the wonder of time
Finally strikes twelve
We celebrate together
New Year's first hours

No Angel
6 years ago by Joke No_Angel

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