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UK video production company - we create 2-3 minutes video business cards... more details at - where companies are alive!

We are a corporate video production company, promotional video production,communication videos,sales training videos: 2-3 minutes long about your company, business, services, the people that makes it special, this will create interaction with the viewers, make it more familiar and attractive for new future customers. This video will be out on the web 24/24 day and night, accessible from all over the world, it will be your best selling agent, the best value investment in marketing you ever made.

WE PROMOTE YOUR VIDEO: the possibilities are unlimited, your video will be posted on our and your Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn... pages and will encourage your fans to Like the video so it will go through all your fans, their friends, their families, and of course their friend's friends and families family and so on... Never the less, you can have a link to the video in your email signature and a personalized QR Code for all your prints, flyers, invoices, brochures, letters, with link to the video.
THE BIGGEST ADVANTAGE OF HAVING A VIDEO is that Google search engine rates much better video content, basically if you have a video you will have a better position on searches, and with 3-4 videos it is most probably you will be on first page of searches in your category. Other companies pay thousands of pounds on SEO (search engine optimization) to get to the first page.