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    McDonald's Employee Sees Her Stolen Car in Drive-Thru

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    A woman has her car stolen and then runs into the culprit at a McDonald's drive-through.

    Anyone who has ever had their car stolen knows that feeling of helplessness and frustration.

    Virginia Maiden of Kennewick, Washington recently woke up to realize that her vehicle, a mid-1990s Toyota 4 Runner, had been taken from the parking lot of her apartment building.

    After she reported the missing SUV to the police, she went to work at a local McDonald’s restaurant, presumably feeling pretty bad. Things started to look better when a vehicle waiting at the drive-through caught Maiden’s eye.

    It was her own 4 Runner, being driven by another woman. Police arrived and arrested the suspected thief, 22-year-old Katherine A York.

    Last year, a Texas man, Bob Russell located his precious 1967 Austin- Healey which was swiped from him in 1970. 42 years after the theft, he found his car on eBay.
    After contacting the seller, he called law enforcement. Police in Los Angeles impounded the vehicle, so Russell and his wife were able to claim it, costing them about $2,000 to get it back.