Venezuela Has Toilet Paper Shortage

Geo Beats

by Geo Beats

Venezuela is importing 50 million rolls of toilet paper.

What would you do if run out of toilet paper?

Venezuela is dealing with a major shortage of toilet paper. Considering it's something everyone needs, 50 million rolls are being imported into the country.

For the past few months, stores have been unable to keep a steady stock. When a shipment comes in, residents flock to the stores in order to hoard as much as they can. The government is casting blame for the panic on the media, citing that a false campaign concerning toilet paper scarcity was ignited to “undermine the country.”

Many Venezuelans disagree, swearing that the lack of hygiene products is terrifyingly real.

Meanwhile, the city of Oslo in Norway is dealing with its own shortage - not of toilet paper but of trash. The area heats about half of their buildings by burning trash.

They are experiencing a deficit of waste to burn, because their energy demands are rising and they depend on the availability of garbage. Government officials are already importing trash from England, Ireland and Sweden.