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    Why Do Women Live Longer Than Men?

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    by Geo Beats

    Learn why women live longer than men.

    A new study suggests that women’s stronger immune systems could help them outlive men.

    The immune system, also known as the lymphatic system, is the human body’s first defense against disease and infection. It’s made up of organs and tissue that produce and carry sickness-fighting white blood cells.

    Researchers from the Tokyo Medical & Dental University Open Laboratory found that men and women both lose white blood cells as they age. However, as years go on, women start to produce more of a different type of cell called a lymphocyte.

    Lymphocytes are an integral part of the immune system as well, as they identify dangerous cells and destroy them. T and B cells are another type of lymphocyte that function on a reactive level, boosting the body’s immune response to unhealthy invaders.

    The increase in this type of cell has led the scientists to believe that the female immune system stays younger longer. This aids in them having a greater life span than men.

    Women also have the advantage of producing more estrogen, which helps them stay better protected from heart disease until they reach menopause.