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    Sheep Implanted With Artificial Metal Heart

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    A sheep is implanted with an artificial heart.

    Somehow, sheep seem to be the animal of choice for scientists looking to push the edge.

    Earlier this year, a sheep in China received a transplant, in the form of an innovative, artificial heart.

    The scientists behind the fake organ utilized cutting-edge aerospace technology to create the device. They also claim the animal has remained in stable condition since the implant, which took place over 60 days ago, on March 14th.

    Initially classified as a blood pump, the artificial lifeline was derived from hydrodynamic bearings along with magnetic suspension. With those technological aspects, the ‘implantable third-generation ventricular assist device’ was born.

    Equipped with a battery and controller, its sole purpose is to assist in blood flow and function for those suffering from weaker hearts. The team hopes the device will hit the market for humans in the near future.

    In another sheep-based project, Uruguay's Institute of Animal Reproduction unveiled the world's first glow-in-the-dark sheep with the help of genetic modification.

    Utilizing a gene from a jellyfish, the scientists were able to create a green fluorescent protein, which is how they essentially glowed.