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    Ohioans Are Country’s Biggest Cursers

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Ohioans are the country's biggest cursers.

    Ever wonder where people curse the most?

    A study released by the Marchex Institute revealed that people from Ohio curse more than in any other state. The same survey result calculations also put them in the top 5 of the least courteous list.

    Residents in Maryland, New Jersey, Louisiana, and Illinois are also prone to swearing.

    People living in Washington, the lowest ranking state, were only half as likely to scream obscenities.

    The findings are a result of mining 600 thousand consumer initiated phone calls placed over the last 12 months to a wide range of service providers.

    In addition to curse words, niceties like please and thank you were also logged.

    The 5 states ranking as the most cordial are almost all, not surprisingly, in the South, with the Carolinas taking the top two places.

    In addition to Ohio, Wisconsin, Massachusetts, Indiana, and Tennessee were the states found to be the shortest on social graces.

    Ohioans may swear most on the phone, but a separate study shows people in Washington D.C. use the most profanity on the job. Workers in Chicago and Denver also throw around a good amount of crude language.