Death, Love & the Cure - Vampire Diaries Season 4 Finale RECAP 4x23 "Graduation"

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The season 4 finale of the Vampire Diaries shocked the world last night and we have the full rundown. That said people, this is your official spoiler alert -- so here we go. In true TVD finale fashion, the OMG moments were aplenty -- people died and came back to life, Elena finally chose a new guy, a new bad guy was introduced, and one of the show's main character's life hangs in the balance. So first up, and you might want to grab your tissues for this one - long story short, Bonnie is officially dead. After trying to cast a spell that would bring Jeremy back to life, she overuses her powers and eventually dies. On the other hand, her spell ends up actually working, which mean that Jeremy is officially alive. So does this mean that Bonnie is gone for good? Not exactly -- after all, keep in mind that Jeremy can see ghosts, so maybe Bonnie will be sticking around for a while. On a separate note, Elena seems to have made her choice -- and in a twist we kind of weren't expecting, especially after the growing bond between Elena and Stefan, Elena still chooses Damon. He looks shocked and happy and it's super sweet moment for all of those Delena shippers out there. This leaves Stefan in a pretty sad, but still optimistic state, as he decides to leave town. First though, he has to get rid of Silas' body. This proves to be an insane task when he realizes that Silas' body is no longer in the body bag. He's come back to life and is living as Stefan's shadow self. This is where things got weird and confusing, but Silas (who looks like Stefan) locks Stefan into a container and throws him into the lake, and we can only assume Silas (as Stefan) will take on a bad guy role unlike one we've ever seen in the next season. Now, on a brighter note, Rebekah and Matt really bonded on the finale, so much so that it looks like they'll spend their summer vacation on a romantic European holiday together. And not only that, we FINALLY got our Caroline and Klaus moment. Klaus, sweeter than we've ever seen him, saves the day yet again, and also gives her the best gift he could've ever given her. He tells her QUOTE: "Tyler is now free to return to Mystic Falls. He's your first love. I intend to be your last...however long it takes." Are you weeping with emotion yet? This was probably one of our favorite moments from the finale, right up there with seeing Jeremy come back to life and Elena picking a brother. But there was a ton of sadness and death too. So what did you guys think? So much went down and so much has been set up for both next season of The Vampire Diaries and the first season of the Originals. Give us all your thoughts by commenting below, and if you love TVD as much as we do, make sure you've subscribed to ClevverTV on YouTube. I'm Joslyn Davis and we'll see you next time!

Hosted by: Joslyn Davis