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    Inflatable Giant Duck Deflates in Hong Kong

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    An inflatable duck deflates in Hong Kong.

    A giant yellow duck has traveled around the world.

    Sadly, the massive rubber duck, which was floating in the waters of Hong Kong, recently deflated.

    The result was a barely discernible creature, with its beak down in the water, The large 54-foot display arrived in the area early in May.

    Created by a Dutch artist, it was scheduled to remain on exhibit until June 9th. While no one is quite sure how the duck met its demise, it is expected to be repaired..

    Harbour City authorities tweeted a response to the public stating “The Rubber Duck needs to freshen up. Stay tuned for its return.” The ducky has previously been showcased in Amsterdam, Sydney and Sao Paolo.

    Earlier this year, another art display in Hong Kong lost some air. Standing a little over 50 feet tall, it was essentially a stack of poop.

    Called ‘Complex Pile’, it deflated when nasty weather resulted in a hole on the surface, leaving a brown mess on the grass.