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    Man on Honeymoon Arrested for Solicitation of Prostitution

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    A man on his honeymoon is arrested for solicitation of prostitution.

    A honeymoon is supposed to the most romantic time between spouses.

    Well, one 21-year-old male, Mohammed Ahmed opted to get intimate all right…. But not with his bride.

    He was one of the many men arrested for solicitation of prostitution, as part of a sting operation by Florida law enforcement. Ahmed is from Illinois, but was staying in a hotel in Orlando for his honeymoon.

    He was allegedly scouring the internet for local prostitution ads and came upon one that looked interesting. Unfortunately for Ahmed, when he arrived to meet the lady, he instead came face to face with an undercover cop.

    His new and unaware wife became worried and reported him missing, but soon found out he had been arrested.

    Earlier this year, another married man, 33-year-old Marvin Holmes II was arrested after he found a prostitute, 41-year-old Rhonda Kelley. He didn't have any money so he offered to give her his wedding ring to get some fast cash in exchange for sex.