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    Futuristic Design Showcases McDonald's Restaurant in a New Way

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    A futuristic design combines a McDonald's restaurant and a gas station.

    A new structure in Batumi, Georgia, currently in the final stages of construction, give us a peek into what future McDonald's locations could look like.

    The building will house both a McDonald’s and a fuel station, foregoing the arches.

    The exterior appearance is certainly innovative, and the facility looks more like a museum than a multifunctional eatery and gas station.

    The two businesses are kept completely separate. An overhang covers the fuel section, while on the other end, a separate entrance allows customers to enter the restaurant.

    The new McDonald’s will have an elevated dining area that overlooks surrounding ponds. This seating space is set among a nearly 6,500 square foot open air garden which also serves as a “green roof system”.

    The exterior of the building is comprised of dark colored glass. The designer stated “there is a ceramic frit pattern on glazing which is custom designed in such a way that it will transmit less direct sunlight to the dining spaces when the sun rises to higher altitudes during warm months.”