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Beautiful Things

il y a 5 ans207 views

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Dallmayr - Coffee & Chill Vol. 2
balanced, aromatic and full of character.
After the success of the first edition of Dallmayr -- Coffee & Chill the second volume comes as natural as the first cup of coffee in the morning. The mixture has changed, but the quality remains the same: 12 first-class lounge titles as musical companion, full of atmosphere -- day and night.
Some of the ingredients that can be found on the popular Volume 1 can be found in the mix of Coffee & Chill Vol. 2 as well. Chris Le Blanc, Roberto Sol, Florito, Mel T. Waters as well as Sunyata Project, already responsible for part of the relaxed yet stimulating atmosphere of Vol.1, return with brand-new tracks. New additions are, amongst others, Ocean Deep feat. Rhonda Bellamy, who lay the groundwork for the relaxed tone of the compilation with the seductive opener Listen Up. Also making their debut in the Coffee & Chill series are Count To 9, Billie Holiday, Worldbeat feat. Miyabi and L'Art Mystique.
After all, finding the right mix is what is so important, and the artists present on this CD offer a soundscape as rich and varied as the world of coffee itself. Urban flavoured jazz can be found here just as well as smooth ethno elements, the familiar sounds of the world famous Balearic lounge music as well as the exotic modernity of Asia. A musical trip around the world that inspires the mind just as a perfectly brewed cup of coffee stimulates the senses.
All this makes Coffee & Chill Dallmayr Lounge Music Vol.2 the right choice for lounge and coffee connoisseurs alike for the best soundscape you could imagine -- from sundown to sunrise and until the very last sip. 100 percent worth listening to, 100 percent relaxing.
Dallmayr Kaffee is a centuries-old German coffee brand of highest quality and distinction. - Zenitude Experience is your channel dedicated to giving you a relaxing
environment through peaceful nature scenes and music therapy. Calm your
mind, reduce your stress or reach a restful sleep thanks to videos
harmonizing both sight and hearing senses : nature sounds, soothing music,
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Beautiful Things
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