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    How to make a summer cocktail with a Pomegranate twist


    by BroadcastExchange

    Summer is here and that means it is time to enjoy some delicious cocktails in the sunshine!

    This year why not get mixing and shaking to create your own POM Wonderful cocktails!

    POM Wonderful has created 8 cocktail recipes. First up it's POM Pimms:

    POM Pimms:


    - 150ml POM Wonderful Pomegranate Blueberry 100% Juice

    - 150ml Pimms

    - 4 Strawberries

    - Handful of mint

    - 8 Cucumber Slices

    - 4 Lemon Wedges

    - Handful of pomegranate arils

    - Lemonade to top

    Glassware: Pitcher or Jug


    - Chop off the top of the strawberries and slice in half

    - Add the pomegranate juice, Pimms, strawberries, mint, cucumber slices, lemon wedges and pomegranate arils to the pitcher

    - Add ice and top with lemonade

    - Stir with a long spoon

    For the POM Syrup recipe and more delicious cocktails visit