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    Florida Shortens Yellow Light and Writes More Tickets

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    Florida shortens yellow lights and writes more tickets.

    Cities around the country are installing cameras at traffic intersections.

    Some of those cities in Florida are millions of dollars richer thanks to getting the State’s go-ahead to shorten yellow-light intervals.

    Even though they were shortened by only a fraction of a second, the number of red light camera violations issued has reaped a sizeable financial boost to the governments and companies that regulate them.

    James Walker, executive director of the nonprofit National Motorists Association, believes the windfall resulting from the change was intentional and campaigns against the use of red light cameras in general.

    The Florida Department of Transportation stated that they are not benefitting from the change, so they had no financial motivation in instituting it.

    They also claimed that they were attempting to match Federal guidelines by omitting the words “whichever is greater” from their yellow light formula calculation, a small change with a big impact.

    However, a local news agency discovered that Florida’s laws were already in language compliance and numerous Federal guidelines actually recommend longer yellow light times.