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    The Story of Russian Family Discovered in the Wilderness

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    A Russian family is discovered in the wilderness.

    Back in 1978, geologists from the then Soviet Union, discovered a family that had been living in the Siberian wilderness for over forty years.

    They had been isolated from the outside world, living on a mountainside 150 miles from the nearest neighbor, after the father and mother and their two young children fled to escape religious persecution in the 1930s.

    Their first contact with people outside of their own family since fleeing came in 1978, when the geologists spotted the Lykov family home from a helicopter.

    Two more children had been born in that time, and the family of six now lived in complete isolation in the Siberian taiga.

    The mother died from starvation in 1961, and the family was always threatened by not having enough to eat.

    The family survived by eating potatoes, mushrooms and bark, along with the little crops they could grow, and eventually by hunting for animals when one of the sons was old enough.

    They had built their home from natural materials found in the forest, and as recently as 2010, the sole survivor, a daughter still lived in the family home.