Man Claims He Has Real Coca-Cola Recipe and Puts it on eBay

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Man claims he has the legitimate Coca-Cola recipe and puts it on eBay.

Coca-Cola is one of the most popular soft drinks on the market. Georgia resident, Cliff Kluge believes he has found the real Coca-cola recipe, something many people have been after for years.

Kluge and his wife had been browsing at an estate sale and purchased a box of decades old letters.

They later found the coca-cola recipe, dated 1943, nestled in with all of the paperwork. Although executives at Coca-Cola have stated the real formula is locked in a secure vault, that didn’t stop Kluge from putting his found letter on eBay.

Kluge stated “What I can guarantee is that offered for sale is a single page, hand typed and written, 70+ year old recipe on yellowed paper that was purchased out of an estate of a local chemist in a city that claims the right of being where Coca Cola Bottling originated. Whoever typed this letter back in 1943, had access to the original recipe.”

The starting bid for the letter is $5 Million, but if you want to buy it now it's yours for $15 million.