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    Drunk Man Allegedly Passes Out on Elderly Mother's Body

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    A drunk man allegedly passes out on top of his elderly mother's body.

    A man in Riverside, Illinois was arrested after he allegedly fell on top of his own mother and pinned her to the floor, while he was passed out in a drunken state.

    The 81-year-old lady was essentially stuck between her 55-year-old son, named Robert and the kitchen surface for several hours before other relatives alerted the police. The elderly woman was abruptly transported to a nearby medical center, where she had to undergo surgery on her hip which was broken in several places from the weight of her adult son.

    Robert also received treatment at a hospital for alcohol poisoning.

    Last year, a 36-year-old unnamed, but reportedly drunken man walked into an airport at Rome. He saw the check-in desk was unattended so he climbed over the counter and curled up on the moving baggage belt to take a nap.

    It is speculated the the male traveled a distance of 160 feet over the course of 15 minutes before he was spotted lying in the fetal position.