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    SAT Exam Cancelled in South Korea

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    The SAT exam is cancelled in South Korea.

    The May 2013 SAT test sessions in South Korea have been canceled due to suspicions about cheating.
    This is the first time that the SAT tests have been canceled for a whole country.

    Based in the United States, the College Board and Education Testing Service develops and administers the SAT test worldwide.

    They discovered questions directly from the test being circulated by test preparation schools in South Korea.

    Thousands of students in South Korea have been affected by the cancellation, and many are planning to travel to other countries to take the test this summer, in case of another cancellation.

    Students hoping to attend college in the US plan their schedule around test dates because different subjects are available on different dates.

    Several SAT test center employees are being held in South Korea as the Seoul Central District Prosecutors' Office investigates the allegations of illegally obtained SAT questions.

    Copies of SAT booklets can reportedly be bought for about 45 hundred dollars from brokers, who target parents and students.