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    Evanescence - Call Me When Youre Sober


    by costyn

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    spr bişey yha
    By Idyllics17 years ago
    köpekler çok güzel şarkı daa da güzel sese dicek bişiyim yok yani hayatimde bu kadar 'MÜKEMMEL' bi ses gormedim!!!!
    By mermaid_DD7 years ago
    Чаровница със страхотен глас! :)Благодаря !!!
    By milhin7 years ago
    Rich Mundo
    Okay Im So Sober, And I decided not to call you, if its too late, well thats on you, I've been let down before, matter of fact everyday I open My Eyes its a let down, While Clowns tell me to stay in there just Like a Clown at a Rodeo, Just so People can ride the bull, then ship me to spain, just so Matadors can slay the bull, I was never the Bull, Spit Redbull out and drank some Fury with thoughts of Vodka Land, where there is no such thing as an empty hand, but I cant even fit in, Because I want all hands, its not being greedy, but needy can be confused, So Mi Camisa es Grande y Negro, and it looks better on her than Me, So she can keep it all and I got some designs from past time, that goes to my Golden Shine, So allow me to see u, oh I forgot I already Have MIA, the rest of these chicks singing like Ana Gabriel, and I dont speak spanish like Enrique Inglesias, But I coach Girls like Kournikova, Dry the Tears and get back and win the game, Lose the Lames like they lose moles, CoNtrol
    By Rich Mundo7 years ago
    Rich Mundo
    Your my beauty, Know Im such a Beast, but all beast aren't bad, Just a Killer Instinct, but if im not in harm, I will fall to sleep in your arms, and even eat all of your food. So Im going to call you, know that, I am never sober, Wheter Im drinking and got a buzz or thinking about you, could this be love, So everyday with or without convo, your on my mind like my Jordans at my condo, So don't bring me down, and reveal that you want what makes this world go round, because I crap on money, but honey is always digested, give me a peace of mind, and I will give you my time!
    By Rich Mundo7 years ago
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