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    Staggering Plant and Animal Habitat Decline Expected

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    by Geo Beats

    A staggering plant and animal habitat decline is expected.

    Climate change could lead to a habitat decline for half of common plant species and a third of animals.

    Should temperatures rise more than 2 degrees Celsius, biodiversity around the globe will be seriously affected, according to a paper published in Nature Climate Change.

    The scientists who published the findings say that if serious efforts are undertaken to curb greenhouse gasses, the impact can be lessened.

    By studying the current habitats of 50 thousand plant and animal species, the team assessed the flora and fauna’s required environmental needs.

    They then cross-referenced that data with their outlook of what the world’s regional environs will be like in 2100.

    Their model showed 34 percent of animal species and 57 percent of plants suffering significant habitat losses.

    This result will, in turn, impact humans as the potentially affected species contribute to air and water purification, flood control, and nutrient cycling.

    The researchers assert that these losses can be cut by 60 percent if global emissions are curbed and peak in 2016 and rising temperatures are maintained to 2 degrees Celsius.

    In addition to Global Warming, the main factors leading to habitat loss in the US are agriculture, land and water development, and pollution.