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    Bus Driver Sentenced After Stealing Passenger's Possessions

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    A bus driver is sentenced after stealing a passenger's possessions.

    Public transportation around the world is considered a relatively safe option but there are exceptions.

    A bus driver in Stockholm was recently sentenced to community service after rifling through a sleeping female passenger’s purse and stealing her belongings. The 19-year-old woman had taken a nap on the bus after a night out.

    A short time later, the female’s mother called police to inform them that her daughter had misplaced her things on the bus. Investigators obtained a surveillance video and were shocked to see the driver stealing the woman’s cell phone and emptying out her purse before waking her up.

    The bus driver’s house was also searched. Numerous phones and computers were found, leading police to speculate that he had taken part in many other thefts.

    Earlier this year, Ursila Wilson won a $100,000 lawsuit following an incident on a public bus.

    The driver slammed on the brakes causing some travelers to lurch forward. Wilson got the worst, banging her head and slamming onto the floor. Shockingly the driver only looked down at her and continued eating his sandwich.