Mark Ruffalo Talks Avengers Salary Negotiations

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The cast of The Avengers 2 is still in negotiations for their paychecks, according to Mark Ruffalo, but The Hulk tells us all not to panic. We previously brought you the story about Marvel reportedly fuding with the The Avengers cast over their salaries in the sequel. The cast, of course, was rumored to be asking for more money with Marvel not wanting to budge. Many speculated that it was possible that, instead of matching the salary demands, Marvel would just recast some of our favorite heros, which they have been known to do in the past. Well, with that news the rumor mills went crazy. Everyone was trying to guess which cast members were most vulnerable to getting the boot, and many actually looked at Mark Ruffalo as the first potential actor to go, being that The Hulk has been replaced many times before. Well, in an interview with Moviefone, Ruffalo actually said that negotiations haven't even started yet and that he hadn't heard of any salary conflicts. When asked if he felt the need to panic, Rufflao just laughed and said quote "No. Maybe people should panic, but I don't see a reason to panic." On whether or not he would be in the Avengers 2, Ruffalo said quote "I assume so. I haven't been let go yet. ..I'm signed for -- oh my gosh -- six movies altogether. Five now [after The Avengers]." Ok, so either everything is fine and we should all just slow down and breathe, or maybe Ruffalo is being left in the dark and we should all freak out and panic! Either way, feel free to take out your frustrations or celebrations down in that comments section. And, you might as well just sub to us here at ClevverMovies so we can keep you in the loop on all of your favorite movies. From Hollywood, Im Erin White