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    Demi Lovato's "Without the Love" About Joe Jonas?


    by ClevverTV

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    Demi Lovato's album "DEMI" hit shelves today to huge numbers and speculation about who and what each track is about is already swirling. One track in particular, titled "Without the Love," has longtime fans of former couple Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas buzzing about the inspiration for the lyrics, and whether or not they might be about Demi's dating relationship with Joe back in 2010. The song is, without a doubt, about a loveless relationship, with the lyrics saying QUOTE "Why are you singing me love songs/what good is a love song? A love song without the love." The track goes on to repeatedly say "you try to take me home like you're a DiMaggio," and for those of you that don't know your baseball history, the former b-ball player Demi refers to was JOE DiMaggio, which could be a pretty direct reference to the other Joe, Joe Jonas. Later Demi goes on to sing a few lines that say "you wear your ring, but you leave me put me in the spotlight, just to steal the show." Some fans are speculating that the ring mention here could be a reference to the rings that all of the Jonas Brothers used to wear.
    Despite the lyrics being about a relationship without love, the song has a very upbeat vibe overall. And Demi has not spoken out officially about what or who this song is specifically about, but we'd love to hear from you guys -- do you think this song could be about Joe Jonas? Several years have passed since JEMI came to an end, and the talented pair are very supportive of the other's careers at this point in time. If fact, Joe even tweeted out following Demi's performance at last weekend's Wango Tango concert in LA to say that she QUOTE "killed it," adding that he's "so proud of her." Make sure to hit the comments section to weigh in on what you think the lyrics for "Without the Love" could be about. Don't forget to pick up Demi's album today too! Thanks so much for watching ClevverTV. I'm Joslyn Davis and we'll see you next time!

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