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    Joy! The Moment Same-Sex Marriage Passes MN Senate

    UpTake Video

    by UpTake Video

    Supporters chant "yes" and cheer as the votes are counted and then final passage of legalization of same-sex marriage is announced. Senator Scott Dibble, author of the bill calls the moment "unbelievable joy"

    How you feeling now Senator?
    It's overwhelming. It's overwhelming. Unbelievable joy.
    It's an amazing moment in history for Minnesota.
    People will get to enjoy their own freedoms

    How long in the making is this moment?
    Decades and decades.
    We've been working on it for more than 20 years

    Any doubt going into today?
    You know I didn't want to have any hubris. I wanted to respect the process, I was pretty confident though.

    What do you think about this turnout? Tell me about that.
    It's amazing. Amazing. Really spectacular. This is democracy.Distributed by