The Story of How Sesame Street Got Its Name

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Learn how Sesame Street got its name.

Contrary to what a promo film for Sesame Street says, the show’s name was not thought up by a bunch of Muppets sitting around a table.

Suggestions were solicited from the staff and Workshop employees who may or may not have been sitting around a table.

Producer Jon Stone recalled, “the name was set at the 11th hour and fifty ninth minute.”

Once they’d gotten to a point where they could no longer keep generically referring to it as a “preschool educational television show” the producers went to the staff for suggestions.

Contenders included 1-2-3 Avenue B and Fun Street.

The producers finally went with Sesame Street, suggested by one of the show’s writers, because they felt that even though it wasn’t the best name possible, it was the least bad one they had.

They may not have loved the name, but the world loves the show. It’s been awarded over 100 Emmys and is seen in at least as many countries. Every week 8 million fans tune in see what crazy antics the street’s characters are up to now.