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    'Game of Thrones' Review: Season 3, Episode 7

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    I enjoyed this episode more than last weeks. I agree that John and Egrit's romance is not looking quite as promising. Egrit was depicted as having the capacity for treachery and sacraficing others to serve herself. I recall in this episode John Snow tells her "THEY" can't win this battle and shows signs that he isn't entirely one of the wildlings. Egrit's response is to kiss him passionately, and it looked more like she wanted to seduce him to her alliance rather than express love. I enjoyed the idea of John and Egrit's romance before but now I am more concerned for Snow's well being.
    I agree that Brandt is boring as hell, I also think Theon and Stanlis or boring stories this season. I mean how much can we see Theon get tortured without any explanation at all as to where he is, who is holding him, and what do they want? Just endless torture. I think one day Brandt's story will be entertaining and I predict he will ride a dragon at some point (I haven't read the books this is just a prediction).

    Enjoyed your review, maybe a little to much searching for symbolism with birds and chains for my taste but with a show as great as GOT we can all find something we want to discuss.
    By Weston793 years ago