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    Antinatalist Non-Argument Chapter Preview


    by QNTKKA

    Born from Pessimism and concern over human suffering, Antinatalism is an ideology that posits that procreation must be limited, or stopped, to reduce the risk causing harm and suffering to potential human beings.

    Efilism is a radical wing of the YouTube Antinatalist community, and as such, Efilists believe that human harm and suffering must be stopped by ending all human procreation, thus, allowing the human race to go extinct.

    Outspoken advocates of Antinatalism and Efilism promote their controversial beliefs by challenging outsiders to argue against "The Argument" for Antinatalism. Upon engaging Efilists and Antinatalists who "Argue the Argument" many find that the arguments are emotionally based and biased and charged with religious rhetoric and solipsistic subjectivism. The quotidian tactic deployed by the defeated debaters consists of ad personam attacks, topic evasion, and strategic retreats...all designed to avoid logical discourse and preserve the dignity of a group of gullible cult followers.

    This series is a response to the poorly constructed argument, and the ineffective attempts to defend and promote a ridiculous ideology.