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    Burnt alive accused of witch craft ghanaleak net

    Janet Brooks

    by Janet Brooks

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    Jamaal Winfrey
    these fuckin religious bitches i wish death upon their entire bloodline.
    By Jamaal WinfreyNovember
    Elizabeth Lam
    What goes through these people's heads when they do this, it's the most inhumane way to take someone's innocent life. This is disgusting
    By Elizabeth LamOctober
    Actually, most of the witch burning are of old people, so their relatives can take the deeds to their lands.
    Abdul Sheikh
    It is crime against humanity, how Govt. of Papua new Guina keeping quite and watching this crime , why western countries, and other big powers keeping quite see this bloody nonsense crime which is showing madness of human for innocent people.
    By Abdul SheikhLast year
    Hugh Patterson
    you can only be ashamed if you know better, these are ignorant uneducated people who lack basic knowledge.
    By Hugh PattersonLast year
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