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    YO MAMA BATTLE (of Compliments) Orignal


    by IsThisNews

    This Mother's Day, let's not insult each others' mamas.


    For this mothers day. Here is a Yo Mama Compliment Rap

    Yo mamas so tasty, Epic Meal Time wana wrap her in bacon.

    Yo mamas so sweet, in the neighbourhood everyday insulin is taken.

    Yo mamas so cool, she frezes a whole lake.

    Yo mamas so hot, when she hold a cookie it bake.

    Yo mamas so strong, she use iron balls to play ping pong.

    Yo mamas so fiesty, Batman call her for help when things get nasty.

    Yo mamas so sharp, you get cut just by looking at her too long.

    Yo mamas name so beautiful, when someone call her it sounds like a song.

    Yo mamas accurate, she scored a basket in another town.

    Yo mamas so strict, she made elvis leave the building.

    Yo mamas so cheerfull, santa hire her for Christmas.

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