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    Rob Nokes - Sound Seminar Q & A - Part 2

    Rob Nokes

    by Rob Nokes

    Rob Nokes - Supervising Sound Editor, Sound Effects Field Recordist answers:
    Is it better to have actors do adr?
    Is there another way to avoid adr?
    What is 'smoothing' or EQ?
    Do you process while you record?
    What is a series?
    How best to record gunshots?
    How do you make a sound bigger?
    How close to the sound or actor do you record?
    Do you change your levels while recording?
    How best do you cut background sounds in?
    What mic technique would you use to record a room?
    How can you control loud sounds?
    What is your underwater technique?
    How did you create your favourite sound?
    Do you record everything?