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Overwhelming Gas Smell in Town Related to Scratch-and-Sniff Cards

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An overwhelming gas scent in a town is related to expired scratch-and-sniff cards.

An overwhelming smell of natural gas throughout Great Falls, Montana recently caused some turmoil. Several buildings in the downtown area were forced to evacuate over safety concerns.

What was initially thought to be a major gas leak was in reality, an abundance of old and discarded scratch-and-sniff cards. The bizarre ordeal started when several boxes of old gas scented scratch and sniff cards from company Energy West were cleaned out of a storage unit.

The cards were once part of a marketing campaign and were sent out to customers to depict the scent of natural gas. The card filled containers were placed into a Dumpster, the contents of which were picked up by a sanitation truck and crushed.

As the trash vehicle drove through town, the now combined crushed cards were giving off an overwhelming smell. After numerous panicked phone calls from residents, fire and rescue authorities made it clear the area was safe.

In another odd recent report involving emergency false alarms, 911 operators in Dane County, Wisconsin were bombarded with calls from concerned residents. People were reportedly dialing 911 to report that there were many humans lying on public grass in Madison not moving, thought to be dead.

The resting people, of course, were not deceased, but were simply sunbathing.