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Moths Can Hear Ultrasonic Sounds

5 years ago188 views


Geo Beats

Moths can hear ultrasonic sounds.

A species of moth is capable of hearing a higher recorded frequency of sound than any other animal on the planet.

Scientists in Glasgow have discovered that the greater wax moth can hear ultrasonic frequencies up to 300 kilohertz.

People can only hear up to 20 kilohertz, and bats, the moth’s predator, use ultrasonic frequencies up to 212 kilohertz.

Lead researcher, Doctor James Windmill, said: "We are extremely surprised to find that the moth is capable of hearing sound frequencies at this level and we hope to use the findings to better understand air-coupled ultrasound.”

The results of the research might be useful for contributing to technological advances like miniature microphones.

Here are some other interesting facts about moths.

Some moths never eat.

Adult Luna moths don’t have a mouth, and they are only alive for about a week.

Over 11 thousand different species of moths live in the United States, which is more than the number of different bird and mammal species in North America combined.