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    Alleged Sandwich Tossing Teen Pledges Innocence to Prime Minister

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    An alleged sandwich tossing teens pledges his innocence to the Prime Minister.

    A high school student in Australia is fighting back after he was accused of and suspended for allegedly throwing a sandwich at the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard.

    16-year-old Kyle Thomson recently called into a radio station during one of Gillard’s interviews following the disciplinary action taken by the school. Thomson stated “I’d like to say I’m sorry that it’s come to this, all over the news and everything, but I’m innocent and I didn’t throw it.”

    Gillard took it lightly and shrugged it off, but claimed she would not be vouching for Thomson and speaking to the principal to get things corrected. He was suspended mere hours after the incident.

    According to Thomson’s version of events, he was blamed after knocking a sandwich out of another teen’s hands.

    Recently, a woman in New South Wales was recently found guilty of assaulting a police officer with a quiche. Law enforcement authorities told the court that the 41-year-old woman rammed a cop with a baby stroller and then threw the pie at him after she was served with a violence order.